About our Restaurant

Figo Pizza Bar is not just another pizzeria; it's a culinary journey through the vibrant streets of Italy, where traditional recipes meet innovative culinary techniques. From our carefully curated menu to the inviting ambiance, every aspect of Figo Pizza Bar reflects our commitment to excellence and passion for Italian cuisine.

At Figo Pizza Bar, guests can indulge in a diverse selection of artisanal pizzas crafted with homemade dough, fresh marinara sauce, and the finest ingredients. Each pizza is a masterpiece, bursting with bold flavors and fresh, seasonal toppings, ensuring a symphony of taste in every bite. 

But our culinary adventure doesn't stop at pizza. Discover Figo Pizza Bar's specialty: Figo Bowls! Made with warm, homemade, crispy dough, these bowls offer a unique twist on traditional favorites. Indulge in options like the creamy Burrata Caprese, savory Meatballs Al Forno, and exquisite Shrimp Scampi, all served in a Figo pizza bowl. Experience the full spectrum of flavors at Figo Pizza Bar by pairing any of our exquisite dishes with our signature Figo Spritzes, like our refreshing Sicilian Orange Spritz, tangy Amalfi Lemon Spritz, or luscious Amarena Spritz. Whether you're savoring our artisanal pizzas or exploring our unique Figo Bowls, you can experience a little bit of Italy in every bite and sip.